professors, scholars, authors and guides

Do you possess knowledge in a specific discipline and a passion to share it with others? If you are an expert in a subject that is just the beginning. Our guides are also talented teachers, with lively personalities, and a gift for engaging travelers regardless of their educational background. Some of our scholars are also licensed guides with a certification to lead tours in exclusive locations and UNESCO World Heritage sights. In addition, having a keen interest in the current events, and culture scene of a city helps our guides create an unforgettable experience for our guests. Please feel free to contact us about submitting a CV and a ten-minute video clip of yourself conducting a tour, or lecture.

logistical support and office assistants

We often require logistical help on the ground in a city, or part-time staff to perform basic business errands. Many of our scholars also asked to assist in this capacity when they are not giving tours. Since we are a boutique tour operator, we often rely on the support of dedicated staff in each city for “on-call” tasks. If your schedule is flexible and you would like to be a part of our support network, please contact us by email to learn how you can submit a CV and a cover letter explaining how you can best assist us.


If you are currently residing in or will be residing in New York, US, Rome, IT, or Lisbon, PT, and have experience in the field of travel and tourism, or you are on an academic path in a field related to tourism, art history, architecture, archeology, media arts, advertising, or international business, please contact us about submitting your CV and arranging an interview at one of our satellite offices.

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