Florence is a city that has attracted artists for centuries, and today you can still discover artisans, craftspersons, even preservation studios applying their time-honored trades in street-side workshops, boutiques and tucked away in courtyard studios.

Join us for a walk through the neighborhoods of Florence famous for their artisans, as we provide an opportunity not only to see these wares being made but to engage in conversation with the artists, explaining their process and the special techniques that make their works so special.

Along the way we encounter a father and son mosaic studio, working in the tradition of great 16th century masters–to create stunning Tuscan landscapes and Florence city scenes from inlaid precious stones– so perfectly executed that they are often mistaken as paintings. 

In another workshop, we discover two dedicated craftswomen, a mother, and a daughter who paint classic Italian ceramic wares which are coveted by Italians throughout the country.

Next, we visit a school created after World War II by Franciscan friars collaborating with two families of Florance who have been famous for their Florentine leatherwork since the 1930s. Their mission was to give orphans of the war a means to learn a practical trade with which to earn a living, and today their creations are highly sought after by those who want the finest quality leather wares such as handbags, wallets, and decor items.

At the end of our tour, we arrive at a paper-making workshop where a wide variety of traditional and modern papers are produced. Alongside the workshop, there are book restorers and traditional bookbinders working manually as they have for centuries. And, for those with a creative spirit, you can actually participate in the magical process of making a beautiful piece of marbleized paper.

private tour starting at €252 total, not per person

3-hour private walking tour     •     reservations required

visit the workshops of some of the most famous artisans in florence

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January 1

May 1

December 24, 25, 31

     • Scuola del Cuoio: Internationally renowned by monarchs and collectors.

     • Lastrucci Mosaics Studio

     • Ceramics stuidos

     • Papermaking and book restortation workshop

     • Via Ghibellina: One of the most beutiful ancient streets of Florence

     • Piazza Santa Croce

     • Ponte Vecchio: Famous for jewlery crafts and antique restorations

     • Much, much more...

The paper making workshop is an additional €30 per person. Adults and children alike are welcome to participate, but this is not required.

Please remember that you will be visiting artisan stuidos and fine clothing will be near artist materials.

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Excellent English-speaking, authorized guide.

VAT Tax.


Hotel, apartment, or at an easy-to-find location in historic center. A map and photo of exact meeting point is sent with tour confirmation. Hotel or apartment meetings subject to time and location.


There are no ticket fees on this tour.


Monday to Friday, all-year.

Morning: 9:00am, or 9:30am

Afternoon: 2:00pm, or  2:30pm

Custom start times subject to guide availability.


90% level ground. Several stair cases up and down. Uneven cobblestones on tour route. Not safe for those with walking challenges, canes or unable to walk for 1-hour without resting.


Transportation to and from the tour is additional, and only needed if guests stay outside of historic Florence.


The paper making workshop is an additional €30 per person.

ClearSound headphones for more than 10 guests. €1.50 each


Wear comfortable athletic shoes and casual dress.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.

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