Join the only Jewish guide in Portugal and visit to the major sights of historic Lisbon. Along the way you will discover artifacts, inscriptions, and monuments that no other Jewish tours of Lisbon can access.

In May of 2012 a sensational discovery by Archaeologists of Jena University revealed Hebrew inscriptions on stone which point to the Jewish people residing in Portugal as early as 390 C.E.  However, some Biblical Archaeologists believe that Tartessian texts found in Southern Portugal in 1922 suggests a Jewish presence dating to the time of King Solomon.

Walking through the quaint side streets of Lisbon your guide and historian will explain these recent findings and unveil hidden elements in the architecture, explaining the influence of great Jewish sages like The Abravanel- a philosopher and statesman, and Abraham Zucato who altered the course of the Age of Discovery. The Jews of Portugal throughout history held social and political ranks with the favor of kings, and conciliatory relations between Muslims and Christians alike. However, these periods were equally marked by inquisitions, forced baptisms and brutal massacres which have been overlooked in many historical references.

On this tour you will discover the amazing story of Crypto-Jews, (Cristão-Novos) a distinctive sub-group of Sephardim in Portugal who survived over 400 years of persecution in secret. At the site of the Inquisitors Palace, learn little known facts about the Portuguese Inquisition and the controversy of the Marquis of Pombal whose authority destroyed Jewish heritage but saved lives at the same time.

Stand at the deportation point during WWII where thousands of Jewish refugees escaped Nazi persecution, among them famous names like Marc Chagall, Max Ernst and many others who contributed to the arts, sciences and politics of the world stage. Learn about Portugal’s own Oskar Schindler, a righteous gentile who is responsible for the single largest rescue mission of WWII, deifying state orders to save thousands feeling the horrors of the 3rd Reich.

Beyond the former Jewish quarters, there are stories in artifacts festooned around the city that will bring deeper understanding of the Early Modern Diaspora,

The Passover Massacre, Crypto-Jewish practices and famous Jewish families associated with Portugal.

starting at €160 total, not per person

3-hour private walking tour     •     children 12 years and under are free     •     skip ticket lines and go inside     •     reservations required

experience the major sights of lisbon from a jewish perspective

major highlights

important details


     • Baixa- Pombalina Downtown: The Jewish Quarters Grande and Pequeno

     • Rossio Square: Tribunal of the Inquisition

     • Carmo Ruins: The roofless church of the great earthquake

     • Praça do Comércio, the epicenter of major events in Portugal’s Jewish history

     • São Dominigo's Square: Memorial to the massacres of 1506

     • Elevador de Santa Justa: A Neo-Gothic tower of merchant transport

     • Bairro Alto: Home to great Jewish sages like The Abarbanel and Yosef Caro

     • Sao Pedro de Alcantara: The most scenic views from the west side Lisbon

     • Chiado  and Rua Garrett merchant district with historic retail shops

     • Much, much more....     

Visits to this modern orthodox synagogue and nearby cemetery require 30-days advance notice, sent directly to the synagogue. They do not permit tours inside the synagogue on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and they do not permit guides to give tours inside. They have their own board appointed docent who gives the tour.

The synagogue is located outside the historic center, and not easily accessible during this historic walking tour.

If you schedule an appointment for a visit inside the modern synagogue, your guide will be happy to direct you there at the end of your Jewish Lisbon tour.

January 1

December 25 and 31

We are happy to offer this tour on Sundays, but please be aware of museum  closures on Sundays.


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why walk In lisbon?

Because that’s what locals do. Portuguese are among Europe’s biggest walkers! A Eurobarometer survey published in 2014 revealed that Portugal is among the countries where making daily routine trips by foot is most common. To really know Lisbon one must go into those small maze-like streets of the city’s old quarters, where automobiles are limited and real life unfolds in pedestrian friendly streets and squares.



We access traffic restricted areas with steps and ramps. It is not possible to do this tour route with a vehicle.

You can add a private luxury vehicle for commuting to and from the historic center.



Entry ticket fees are additional.

Transfer to and from hotels outside of historic center.

Sundays: Museums are closed  and some churches may restrict entry because of holy day services.



Tour guide with excellent language abilities.

Authorization to enter sights.

One-way transfer uphill by taxi or tram.

Audio headsets when required.

VAT tax.



Wear comfortable athletic shoes.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.

A museum closed on Sundays.



Hotel, apartment, ship dock, or at an easy-to-find location in historic center. A map and photo of exact meeting point is sent with tour confirmation. Hotel or apartment meetings subject to time and location.


            TICKET FEES

Paid by guests at entry with cash. A closure on Sundays.

Adults €4.00

Students €3.50

Retired 65+ years €3.50

Child under age 14, no ticket fee


         START TIMES

7-days a week, year round.

Morning: 9:00am, or 9:30am

Afternoon: 2:00pm

Some closures on Sundays.

Custom start times subject to guide availability.



98% down hills and stairs. A few upstairs and inclines. Uneven and slippery cobblestones on tour route. Not safe for those with walking challenges, canes or unable to walk for 1-hour without resting.


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