Venice is divided up in to 6 distinct "Sestiere", (Quarters). This walking excursion visits mostly the Cannaregio quarter which is one of the most beautiful authentic, and least touristy of the historic neighborhoods in Venice. Our guides will take you into the heart of Venetian culture where history and masterpieces can be discovered between the markets, cafes and public squares where the majority of Venetian residents actually live.

Our off-the-beaten track route unravels a labryinth of canals and narrow mideavils streets and allows guests to discover why Venice is called "The City of Sernity". Along the way we encounter the former homes of famous Venetians like Tintoretto and Titian, and stop for sweeping views of the northern lagoon to demonstrait the vital role it played in protecting the city.

Here you will also find Venice’s Jewish Ghetto. A city within a city, and you'll learn how the Jewish community lived here over the centuries. Your guide will share with you information not only about the great works of art and architecture, but you will also learn about daily life in Venice and how locals deal with flooding. Our guides are eager to discuss everything from healthcare to politics and personal opinions about living in Venice.

At the end of the tour guests have the option of visiting the Jewish museum and synagogues on their own, as they are strictly controlled by the Jewish community.

Your guide will speak perfect English, and as usual with all of our guides, they will posses a higher-level academic degree and a vast knlowldege of their city.

private tour starting at €336 total, not per person

4-hour private walking tour     •     children 12 years and under are free     •     reservations required

the most beautiful and authentic neighborhoods of venice


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December 24, 25, 31

Access to some churches may be limited on Sundays because of services.

We do not visit inside Piazza San Marco, Doge's Palace, or The Accademia on this tour, as Venice is very crowded at those tourist spots. This is an insiders tour away from the mobs, and we explore more off-the-beaten track places for an authentic Venetian excursion.

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     • Church of San Zaccaria: With G. Bellini's magnificent altarpiece

     • Church of San Giorgio dei Greci: A famous 16th Century altar screen

     • Church of San Giovanni in Bragora: Remarkable works by Vivarini

     • Arsenal: Founded in 1104 and source of Venetian economic might

     • Palladian Church of San Francesco della Vigna: Hidden masterpieces by Lombardo

     • Scuola di San Marco: One of the six great philanthropic confraternities of the Republic

     • Jewish Ghetto: A merchants quarter celebrated its 500th birthday in 2016

     • Rialto Market and surrounding area: The oldest quarter in the city holds many secrets

     • Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa: Packed with artworks by Titian, Donatello and Canova

     • Campo Santa Margherita: The artsy "Left Bank” of Venice

     • Ca' Rezzonico: The city's famous museum of the 18th Century

     • San Nicolò dei Mendicoli: An exquisite church dating from the 12th Century

     • Church of Santa Maria della Salute: A 17th Century masterpiece by Baldassare

     • Scala del Bovolo: A stunning 15th Century staircase

     • Quaint narrow streets, bridges and canals

     • Restaurants, cafes and artisan shops


                venice insider

                                               cannaregio    |     palazzos     |     masterpieces and more


We access traffic restricted areas with steps and ramps. It is not possible to tour inside historic Venice with a vehicle.


Ticket fees: Guests pay in cash Euros at  entry time.

ClearSound headphones for more than 10 guests. €1.50 each

Transportation to and from the tour is additional.

Taxis between locations.


Excellent English-speaking, authorized guide.

Authorization to enter sights and skip lines.

VAT Tax.


Wear comfortable athletic shoes.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.


Hotel, apartment or at an easy-to-find location in historic center. A map and photo of exact meeting point is sent with tour confirmation. Hotel or apartment meetings subject to time and location.


Prices vary based on the museums and churches, and exhibitions they have, but ticket fees total only a few Euros per person and can easily be paid in cash as you enter.


Tuesday to Sunday, all-year.

Morning: 9:00am, or 9:30am

Afternoon: 2:00pm, or  2:30pm

Custom start times subject to guide availability.


80% level ground. Several stair cases up and down. Uneven cobblestones on tour route. Not safe for those with walking challenges, canes or unable to walk for 1-hour without resting.


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